A Modern Twist on Pin Up and Retro Chic

Well, spring is officially here. And let’s be serious, we can’t wait to start wearing some more revealing clothes. Am I right? That’s what spring cleaning is all about. Throw away those bulky winter outfits and add vibrant color to your look. But what’s actually trending nowadays? Bold graphic prints with dominant pink and yellow, trench coats, bare shoulders, stripes, bra tops, floral patterns, ruffled neons, wide cuts…?!  It could seem that the actual trend for the last few seasons or so just might be – rehashing!

You know, last year’s the 90’s comeback, a couple of years before that – the 80’s comeback, before that the boho 60’s comeback, and so on, and so on… Well, you get the picture. In fact, I’m not even saying it’s a bad thing. All those seasonal new trends are mainly driven by commercial purposes. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge the fact that not all new trends are flattering to everyone. Besides, why should you wear a certain color, pattern or cut if you don’t like it and feel good wearing it?

Instead of hard dictatorship, the fashion industry could take a bit of a lighter approach. People want to see creativity and inspiration behind the art of designing clothes. That’s why fashion blogs are getting more popularity and credibility over magazines and big events. You want to see pretty outfits in normal sizes you can actually wear and afford!

Still, in all of these rehash trends, there rarely is a place for the timeless class and elegance of retro chic. Pin up, the 40’s and the 50’s style…


And that’s a shame! Those pin up ladies knew a thing or two about looking feminine, yet classy. They weren’t ashamed of their curves and tiny imperfections. Instead, they took pride in their womanhood. That’s why pin up style school still has many followers and admirers up to this day.

Sure, it’s not the kind of look that can easily pass on modern runways. But still, who wouldn’t want to spice up their wardrobe and overall appearance with the magnificent retro chic? Burlesque, rockabilly, old Hollywood glamour type of style. Big hair, dramatic make up, gorgeous dresses and outfits with colorful patterns… It could make any girl feel like the belle of the ball. And with a few twists, you can even make it wearable for a daily look.

But, first, here are some basic guidelines:



Pin up hair has a certain aesthetics of its own. It’s voluminous, curly, wavy, sometimes with side bangs, other times in a bun. You can also accessorize with headbands, bandanas, flower pins, hats… For inspiration google up famous actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Era. My favorites are Vivien Leigh, Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers, Myrna Loy, Hedy Lamarr, Grace Kelly etc. There are plenty of Youtube videos which show how you too can nail that perfect retro look. Some even without using curling irons. Trust me, it’s  not that hard. You can opt for anything from a classy pony tail to a glamorous bun.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a wide variety of hairstyles, even make up looks in retro chic. You can choose the perfect style depending on your face shape. For a heart-shaped face, take a look at Audrey Hepburn. For an oblong face, try Veronica Lake’s long waves. Square shaped faces could benefit from short hair curls.

Hair color isn’t that important here. Just make sure to use a lot of hair spray.


Make up

A lot of you might think that pin up make up is way too dramatic and that you just can’t pull off that eyeliner or red lipstick. Well, that’s not completely true. Pin up look was created to suit everyone and highlight the very best features on face. First of all, well-groomed and high arched eyebrows are a must. They give you an instant lift, even if they’re not thick.

The eyes don’t have much shadow, but you should do some crease blending with soft browns. You can even add shimmery gold or light red on lids. If you have deep set/hooded eyes, dab some of that brown lightly on the lower lid too.

Then, go for the black liquid/gel eyeliner. Make a wing if you want. This is a highly recognizable characteristic of pin up chic. Although, believe it or not, you can actually skip this part. I’m not much of an eyeliner girl. You can just line the outer corners, use brown pencil or just dot the lash line and smudge with a dry black pencil. It will still look great.

Now, for the cheeks. Don’t be afraid of that coral blush. For warmer skin tones make it peachy. And don’t forget to contour.

And, finally, lips. A bold matte lipstick goes well with this look, be it dark red, orange or pink. If you like lighter shades, go for it. If you don’t think you can have a great pin up look without the red lipstick, take a look at celebrities like Megan Fox or Lana Del Rey. They can rock light pink lips with retro chic and make it even better.

Don’t forget to do your nails.



It’s all about the colorful high-contrast prints, stripes, polka dots, floral patterns. Tight dresses, high-waisted skirts and pants, sailor suits, tube tops, halter tops, buttoned up shirts. But of course, you can experiment with it for a more modern look. Some of the popular accessories include big elegant sunglasses, scarves, high heel shoes with interesting prints and classy swimwear.

Modern Pin Up


Today we have many variations of the popular vintage looks. You can even pair it off with tattoos, piercings and rainbow hair for a more of a rock chic. You can mix it up for an edgy business look. Why not pair it with some hip hop bling and jewelry. Lana Del Rey totally nails it. Or rock the natural beachy hair with it like Megan Fox. The options are unlimited. That’s the whole beauty of it. You can be your own stylist and have fun with it.

These are some of my essentials when I go for the vintage chic:


Or accessories like these:


If you’re looking for wearable fashion ideas you can easily pull off, here are some of my suggestions:







So, there you go! This was your quick guide to retro chic and some ideas for a modern twist to it. I hope you try it out and have some fun with it. Don’t be afraid to let your feminine side shine, no matter what year it is.

Let me just end this post with a quote from Grace Kelly: “A person has to keep something for herself or your life is just a layout in  a magazine.”


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