Easy and cheap diy room decor ideas (using paper and empty containers)

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Hello everyone! Spring is here and it’s time to make some changes and clean out the clutter. So why not do some redecorating? Freshen up a messy desk and add more color to small spaces. Trust me, you don’t need special diy skills or expensive products to do that. Just use everyday items that you already have like shoe boxes, empty containers, cans, wrapping paper, printed pattern paper. Also scissors and glue. And you’re all set. With some fresh decor ideas and color coordination you can beautify your personal space in a minute. It’s really fun and easy. Take a look!

1.Paper toys

I absolutely love paper toys. They’re cute, easy and quick to make and you have a variety of choices. Also, if you get bored with them, you can add some new or replace the old ones. They look awesome and basically cost you nothing. This time I’ve decided to make two paper toys. A kawaii milk carton and Tardis from Doctor Who series. You just go to google image search and type cute paper toys or free printable paper toys templates. So scroll around, take a look and see what you like. You can make cute animals, tiny cupcakes or even a character from your favorite tv show. Print out the template, fold it and there you go!

Here you see a printed and cut out template for Tardis:


When you fold it together, it looks like this:


Now decorate your desk or bookshelf with it! Here’s how I did it:


Also, I made a tiny milk carton:


2.Butterfly in a jar

With butterflies you can never go wrong! They look great wherever you put them. Here’s a fun idea. Google search butterfly photos. Just pick out a pretty real butterfly picture, maybe a monarch butterfly. Double print it. Cut out two shapes and glue them together so it looks like a real butterfly on each side. Fold it a bit in the middle. Put it in a jar. Also you can decorate the lid with a ribbon. It should look something like this:



I will be adding the butterflies alongside the following decor ideas so keep reading!

3.Books in wrapping paper

We all have different books and notebooks scattered across our rooms. So why not gather them together and use them as home decor. Especially if you have lots of old books. You can give them a new look with some beautiful wrapping paper or printed out paper with patterns that you like. I combined pink and red palette and added a polka dot notebook.



Now try some fun combinations! Add your butterflies…


…Or mix it up with some accessories!


4.Add some beautiful postcards 

This is an old, but really pretty postcard my friend sent me from Paris. I just added my butterfly and sunglasses.



You can wrap some beautiful paper around candle containers. It will look gorgeous.



You can use empty juice or coke cans as a vase or a place to store coins and trinkets. Or they can simply have a decorative purpose.



7.Empty bottles



-wrap boxes in pretty paper and store makeup in them

-decorate empty soda glass and store your headphones, charger and other cords there

-decoupage an old wooden box

-add your favorite toys (like I did with my Snoopy)

-use your makeup as a decor

-empty shoe boxes as shelves


Well, there it is! I hope you enjoyed this brief diy tutorial and maybe it will inspire you to do a little redecorating of your own! Have a beautiful day! 😉


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