Fun party games to play with your friends

Springtime is coming. The sun is shining. It’s time to throw away your heavy winter coats and slip into something more comfortable. The party season just kicked off. And you might have a few days off for some play time. Why not spend it with your favorite people? Friends are such an important aspect of our lives. Nothing brings me more joy and happiness than just hanging with the buddies, laughing, catching up, having a few beers and getting silly with some fun games. So go out, have fun and make glorious memories!

1.The whisper challenge

It’s a game where players sit in a circle, often listening to loud music or wearing headphones. It’s kinda similar to the telephone/operator game. One person thinks up a phrase or even a sentence and tries to pass it on to the next person. The person needs to quietly say a phrase while their friend tries to read their lips. And on it goes in the circle. If you want more details there are numerous videos on youtube which show how the game is played. It never gets boring to see the evolution of the original phrase into its final version. Here’s an example from my own experience. The original sentence was quite normal – I went grocery shopping yesterday. By the time it passed through the whole circle we had an interesting result. The last person read this sentence – Your cat is naked on facebook. ?!?!  We had such a laugh. This game remains one of my all time favorites.

2.Truth or dare

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Everybody played this at one point in their lives. But ToD is the holy mother of all drinking games. And you haven’t really played until you saw your male friend dressed up like britney from the 90s, going to your neighbour’s house to borrow a cup of sugar. So what do you do? Take pictures and post it on facebook for the rest of your lives. Cause that’s what friends do! So why not have another go with this game. Here are some fun ideas to spice things up (for the dare part):

-give someone your phone and let them send one text to anyone in your contacts

-drink vinegar cocktail or eat a chocolate tuna sandwich

-take a stroll around the block in your underwear

-stand outside with a sign – honk if u think I’m cute

-pour cold water on yourself

-call your crush and sing him an emo song

-prank call a restaurant, ask them for help cause you’re stuck in a glass container of emotion

-call your parents and ground them

-pick an annoying person from your work/school and post on their fb wall something funny and weird like – your butt is so fluffy

-dress up a guy like and old english lady having a tea party, take photo and set it as profile picture

-shave a certain part of your body

-tell an embarassing story and post it on fb

And this is just for the warm-up. So get crazy and creative. You might have a time of your life!

3.Cards against humanity

On the official website of Cards against humanity stands: Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. Sounds good, right? If you’re new to this game this is how it goes. You have two decks of cards. The black one- questions, and the white one- possible answers. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card deck, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. So let’s say a friend gets a black card question like this – In his spare time Justin Bieber does…..??? So everyone else picks and presents the funniest option from their white cards (answers) deck. The answers are: 1.german dungeon porn; 2. coat hanger abortions; 3.arnold schwarzenegger; 4.eating an albino The player who asked the question picks out the funniest answer and gives it one point. It’s all about the unusual questions and answers, and the funny combinations they make. Pretty great, huh.

4.Never have I ever

This one is such a classic. And it only takes one person with a snarky target line to cause ripple effect of revealing everybody’s most shameful secrets. It usually starts like this. One person says: Never have I ever…hmmm, let’s see, what have I never done… oh, I know- tried japanese food! Then, everybody who has tried japanese food, takes a sip of their drink. But somewhere along the way, especially if you’re playing with old friends and having some hard liquor, it’s about to take a turn for the worse. One of your friends brings up your embarrassing highschool drunk story by saying – Never have I ever vomited in my aunt’s closet during sunday family lunch to hide the fact I was still wasted from the weekend! So you humbly drink up and people laugh. And when It’s your turn, you get to say- Never have I ever made out with my gym teacher on the last day of highschool! So, you know how it goes. The thing is, sure, it gets a bit embarrassing, but you’re just having fun with some buddies, reminiscing the good ‘ole days. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

5.Dungeons and dragons

A lot of people think this is a weird, boring nerd game. But with a group of friends, few packs of beer and colorful imagination, you’re in for a good time and some laughs. First, you need a good dungeon master who will make an intriguing scenario for the game. Then, some dice. They can decide upon your destiny at a certain point. And some fun people. I got to be an elf called Princess Rainbow Moonbeam. I also had a pet cat Lady Sparklepants who was psychic and powerful. My best friend was a wizard who had to pee on me in order to save my life from a deadly mosquito bite. Also, we fought a zombie Kristen Stewart who tried to bore us to death. So, try it out. You might just be surprised.

6.That’s what she said

Ah, yes. The Michael Scott game for the filthy minded. This is how it goes. You set a tricky intro/scenario to some fictional story. The other person has a minute to continue the story in a logical, believable manner and still manage to finish it off with a phrase – that’s what she said! There are some other versions of this game using the phrase if you know what I mean or without the time limit, but the principles are the same. So let’s say you get a story like this. You’re at a school picnic. It’s springtime. Your children are playing and running around. Everybody brought their home-made yummy specialties. You see a teacher approaching you, she greets you and asks are you enjoying yourself?  Now, continue the story! You say – Yes, hello! I am having a great time, thank you so much for asking. The weather is just beautiful. And I’m loving these home-made chocolate muffins! Did you make it? And the teacher says – No, I think it was one of the parents. I haven’t tried any of the cakes yet. But, I’m always up for a pork sausage! And bam! That’s what she said!

These are just some of the games I usually play with my buddies. There are tons and tons of other interesting games to try out this weekend with your friends.Whether you drink or not.The goal here is to have a good time, share a laugh and create some  memories. So have fun with it! And appreciate your friends more. They are the ones who join in on your weirdness. Isn’t that awesome!


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