The 15-minute workout does wonders for your health

Everybody wants to be happy and healthy; look good, feel good, smile more, stress less… But very often we just don’t have enough time to make home-made dishes, shop for organic groceries every day or even sleep for 8 straight hours! And who even has the will to hit the gym couple times a week?

Luckily, you can build your own targeted workout plan. You can do it at home and it only takes you 15 minutes to exercise. And still, you’ll be getting all the benefits of a full-time workout.

I do it daily, mostly in the morning. At first, It was kinda hard to jam it in my schedule every day. Other times, I just wasn’t feelingĀ  up for it. But once I got used to it, it became my favorite morning routine.So why do it? Oh, here’s why!

-it boosts the metabolism, especially in the morning. Start your day with physical activities instead of coffee and your body will be in work mode the entire day

-it burns the unwanted extra calories. It helps you maintain a good-looking figure

– builds up your immunity

-makes your body release happiness hormones, therefore making you a happy individual

-reduces stress

-builds up strength

-makes you sleep better… zzZZzz

-beautifies the skin and face

So get started! This is how I mix it up.

First 5 minutes I stretch my entire body, every muscle, every bone. You know, light exercises for a warm up, like your gym teacher used to do. I also do a candle pose and stretch my entire spine to touch my feet without bending the knees. This way you stretch out your whole body and increase the blood flow. Your muscles become longer and the cartilage extends. Your legs become beautifully shaped and this can even add up a few inches to your height.

Next 5 minutes I usually do cardio. This involves a lot of jumping, jogging in one place with dumbbells or I simply turn on my favorite song and dance my way into another beautiful day.

The last 5 minutes I do target exercises for toning the body. Mostly my upper thighs and abs. Side lunges, sumo squats, planks… Whatever I feel will do me good at the moment.

And it really helps. It energizes the body, makes you look good before you even notice and you also get that satisfactory feeling of doing something both fun and beneficial. Try it out!


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