Fun and unusual date/hangout ideas

You’ve met someone new and interesting?!. That’s great! You probably want to spend some time hanging out, getting to know each other better but also have fun with it. Soooo… Ditch the boring and fake coffee/dinner date thing and try out something new.


1.Jump into each other’s lives


If the very idea of dressing up, meeting for lunch and leading superficial conversations makes you cringe, then try out something completely different. Your date isn’t a job interview or a business meeting. It’s just two people sharing ideas on life and love. So instead of beating around the bush, go for the real thing. Take part in each others everyday activities. It’s really fun and interesting. It also takes off pressure from the initial awkward phase. Just spend the whole afternoon together, doing your basic day-to-day chores. Some of your activities might include:

-shoping (groceries, clothes…)

-driving around


-babysitting your niece

-going for a walk with your dog

-visiting friends/family members

-hitting the gym

-and so much more…

Just be yourself. The real way to connect with someone on a deeper level is simply by enjoying the little things together. And besides, how many times do you get an opportunity to be a personal tour guide to your own life?

2.Make something together


This way you have one main activity to follow and you still get to enjoy each some fun chit-chat in a laid-back atmosphere. You get to see each other’s special skills and find out how you work together. So you might wanna try:

-making dinner together

-do a fun home diy project

-write a song

-paint together

-take some pictures and make a fun photoshopped album

3.Do something you’ve never done before


This is an awesome idea I picked up from watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The two main characters decide to spend a day together doing things they’ve never done before. They drink champagne in the morning, go to library and even steal a trinket from a store. This is also interesting, because you get to participate in important aspects of your partner’s life you might know nothing about. It’s such an exciting option. The possibilities are limitless. These are just some of the things I got to experience:

-going to a football match

-visiting the race track

-going to a shooting range

-mountain climbing

-driving a motorcycle

-trying new exotic foods …

4.Decide to have fun with it


There’s nothing better than having by your side a person with whom you can indulge in some good old childlike fun times. Love makes you do some crazy things, so make lasting memories and have fun with this one!

-have a beer in the park

-play truth or dare

-make prank phone calls

-visit a local landmark, pretend to be tourists with made up names and accents

-cosplay together

-go to library and leave notes in your fave books for future readers

-build a fort

-climb trees

-do scavenger hunts

-watch a movie, set it on mute and improvise dialogue

-have fun on a playground

-dress up as your highschool self and get to know each other in your teenage years

-go sledding (in winter)

-go night swimming (in summer)

5.Do something you’re afraid of


This could really help you connect on a deeper level. It’s also good for your self-esteem. With the right person by your side, you’ll feel invincible. So challenge yourself! It doesn’t matter if your fears are big or small. Once I had my ears pierced, the thing I was dreading for years. Other time, I took a guy to a dentist appointment. And it was great!

6.Enjoy the silence


Sometimes you don’t have to talk much to understand each other. So lay back, be calm, be there for each other and become closer.


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