How positive thinking changes you for the better

I used to think this was just a cliche. A hippie catchphrase for the unemployed new agers. You know, think positive, all you need is love, be a good person…and all that jazz. I lived in a world of tangible activities and highly responsible work habits with a go getter attitude, aggressively monitoring in detail every tiny piece of my life. And it was never good enough for me. I always wanted something more. Chasing some almighty perfect image in my mind, hoping it will finally bring me some peace and happiness. But it was a world of heavy burdens, often run by fear and loneliness. And nobody manages to survive in such a place for a long time. Neither did I.

Once you attain that much wanted perfect image of success and find out it was nothing more than a distraction from a familiar emptiness, you’d might want to reconsider… well, just about everything in your life! Change? Positive thinking? All that in a situation I can’t control?! It was a hellish nightmare. But, the thing is, I finally realized I had no choice. It was taking a toll on my health. I knew somewhere in my rational over-thinking mind that worrying and stressing won’t do me any good. So I humbly decided to let it go.

I distracted myself with reading. Reading inspiring stories about faith, healing, love and the power of the mind, going in-depth with the knowledge of physics. And there it was! I finally found my scientific proof on positive thinking and how it affects the world around us.

You see, quantum physicists tried to discover whether the basic building blocks of Universe were particles or waves. So, they conducted multiple experiments. The results were astonishing. There wasn’t a straight answer to this question. They noticed a peculiar thing about the experiment. The result of the experiment actually varied upon the expectations of the scientist doing the experiment. If the scientist expected the blocks to be particles; they appeared as particles. If he expected them to be waves, then that’s what they appeared as! In other words, they were controlling their reality, and the laws of physics, just by having specific expectations about it!

What a bitch slap! Quantum physics telling me about mind over matter theories, how everything is energy and we are all connected…Why aren’t we reading more about this in the media? I couldn’t argue with science, so I decided to do my own experiments.

I started with meditation, practising peace and positivity in my life. Weird things started happening along the way. There were days I asked myself certain questions and answers would just instantly present themselves, be it in a form of a friend, or a book, or a huge change in my life. My health got better. I learned new valuable lessons and I’m still learning. I met people who healed themselves of chronic ailments, just by connecting with the divine power. By then, I had no doubt, positive thinking is more than just a jibber jabber comfort technique. It is a basic human state of mind. We’re just so disconnected from it, we don’t feel it anymore.

So what did I learn? I’m not perfect and everybody has a story to tell. Still, I try to live my life quite simply. I worry less and dream more. Instead of controlling things, I just let them happen, having faith in the greater good. I accept that I don’t know always what’s best for me or someone else. I never stop believing in human kindness. I have no fear, because I know that I’m never alone. As a result, I can tell you that the world I live in today is a much more magical place.


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