Basic make-up tips for every eyeshape

Sometimes it’s fun to follow-up on new fashion trends and experiment with different looks. Still, you should take some things into consideration.  Just because a trend is all the rage at the moment, doesn’t mean it will suit you well. Just have another look at your mom’s highschool photos from the 80’s. All the big hair, so much hair… And the blue eyeshadow, of course. Or the last season’s grunge/90’s phase. So, maybe you should have a few basic tips and tricks to accentuate your natural beauty. Start out with finding your dominant eye shape combination is. It’s really simple.


asian (2)

If your upper lid doesn’t have a crease, you have a monolid.

You will probably want to create a gradient effect with your make up for this gorgeous exotic eye shape. You could go for a tightly lined eyeliner. Darkest colors need to go closest to the lash line. Blend soft neutrals in the middle. For a finishing touch, add light shimmer on the brow bone. For further inspiration, take lessons from Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh and Kim Yuna.

Hooded eye

hooded eyes

If you have a crease on your upper lid and it is not visible but rather hidden underneath the upper part of your lid/skin/brow bone, you have hooded eyes.

There are all sorts of hooded eyes, but they are all beautiful. Just take a look at Blake Lively or Jennifer Lawrence. They look great both with minimal make-up or with a smokey look. The color palette should consist of medium to dark matte colors. For smokey eyes, remember to pull your darker crease shadow up and outward to make it more visible and don’t neglect the lower lid. Try not to put too much highlight on your brow bone, for it will  only accentuate the hooded lid.

Upturned/Downturned eyes

up (2)

Look in the mirror. Imagine a straight horizontal line extending through the center of your iris. Are your outer corners above or below this center line? If your corners are above, you have upturned eyes. If they are below, you have downturned eyes.

droop (2)

If your outer corner falls with the center line, you might have a basic almond eye shape.

For upturned eyes, apply darker shadow along the outer lower corner of the eye. It will make both lids look more proportional. Angelina Jolie does it all the time. For downturned eyes just go with winged cat eye look. Line the outer two-thirds of the eye, wing it at a 45 degree angle and slightly blend outwards. Just like Katy Perry.

Round eyes

round eyes (2)

Look straightforward in the mirror. If you can see any white around the top or bottom of your iris, you have round eyes. If a part of your iris disappears under the lid, you have almond eyes.

Round eyes are gorgeous. Take a look at Zooey Deschanel. Here’s a simple make-up trick for round eyes. Apply darker shades to the center of both upper and lower lid. Accentuate corners with lighter shades. If you have almond eyes, you can basically pull off any look, just like Beyonce.

Wide set eyes/Close set eyes

…based on position

Eyes that are slightly more than one eyeball width apart are considered wide-set eyes. If they are closer than one eye width apart, they are close-set eyes.

Bring closer wide-set eyes with dark liner and a thick coat of mascara on the inner corner. For close-set eyes, do exactly the opposite. Apply light colors on inner corners and dark ones on outer corners.

Deep set eyes/Protruding eyes

…based on depth

Deep set eyes are large and set farther into the skull. They are accompanied by a prominent brow bone. On the other hand, protruding eyes appear to bulge from their socket.

Deep set eyes could benefit from a light shade on the upper lid and a darker color just above the socket line. For protruding eyes, apply darker shades on both top and bottom lid, just don’t extend the color further than the crease line.

Large eyes/Small eyes

…based on size

Take a good look at your facial features. Your lips, nose, face shape. How do your eyes fit in the whole picture? They could be normal or sometimes dominant by their size, be it large or small.

Don’t use dark colors on smaller eyes, instead opt for light to medium shade to make them appear larger. Bigger eyes can take some darker shades too.

This was a quick guide to determining your eye shape and some basic make-up looks that go with it. Have fun, experiment, discover your own tips and tricks. And remember, you are beautiful just the way you are! 😉


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