Healthy drink options and fun recipes to try out

If you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a balanced diet, you just might want to reconsider your drinking habits. Human body, in average, can survive up to 3 weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

Also, we don’t pay enough attention to what we put in our bodies. You might think that you’re getting the best with that store-bought orange juice, but check the label twice. Is it labeled as a fruit juice,  non-alcoholic beverage or a nectar? What about its sugar content, artificial dyes and other chemicals? You might want to rethink your options here.

Keeping up with that healthy lifestyle can sure be a tricky task sometimes. But there’s no need to worry! You can make your own healthy drinks at home. It’s easier than you think and it can save you some money. You probably already have all the ingredients, just lying around your kitchen somewhere. So try it out, have fun with it, experiment and even make your own recipes. This way, you know you’ll be getting the best!



Water is the only fluid your body actually needs. It makes up 60 percent of your body weight. Water carries nutrients to your cells and flushes toxins out of your vital organs. Scientists usually recommend a daily intake of around 2 liters for women and 3 liters for men. Keep in mind, that rule applies to all fluids, not only water. Fruit, veggies, even milk and sodas mostly consist of water and contribute to your daily liquid intake.  On the other hand, if you exercise a lot, you might want to compensate and drink some more.

Still, you might be worried about the toxins in tap water. Fluorides, lead, chlorine, mercury… And bottled water is no better  with its endocrine disruptive components. I usually boil my water. Some people use water filters. See what works best for you.

But here’s an interesting story. A japanese researcher Masaru Emoto conducted experiments throughout the 90’s with water crystalline structure to show how it reacts to positive thoughts and words. He also claimed that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. He wrote many books on that topic. Many other scientists were sceptical and criticised his methods. Still, I think he was on to something. I guess the future will tell.

And now, some healthy drinks…

Warm lemon water

If you’re into yoga or ayurveda, you probably already know this one. Just squeeze 1/2 a lemon with a lukewarm glass of water. Drink this first thing in the morning, at least 15 minutes before breakfast. It aids digestion, energizes you, clears skin and boosts your immune system. I’ve been doing this for years and I love it.


Some people like to  add baking soda and apple cider vinegar to their water. It has both alkalizing and antioxidant properties.

Fruit/Herb infused water

Adding fruit and herbs to your water is not only tasty, but has many health benefits. Here are some basic recipes.


Cucumber lemon water with cilantro/parsley

You will need: 1/2 a lemon, 1/2 half a cucumber, 5 sprigs of cilantro/parsley, a pitcher of water

-cut the lemon and cucumber into slices (half-moons)

-put all of the ingredients into a water pitcher

-infuse for 4-8 hours

-serve cold with some ice

Strawberry mint water


This is a delicious and healthy combination. Just cut some strawberries, tear a few mint leaves and put them in a pitcher. Add some coconut flakes. Infuse for few hours. And it’s ready for you.

Here are some other fruity herbal combinations for your healthy water cocktails.

-watermelon and basil, apple and cinnamon, orange and blueberry, grapefruit and rosemary

Fruity mineral water

Mineral water is a great source of calcium and magnesium. It’s quite refreshing and boosts the metabolism.

Blackberry sparkling water


Add some blackberries, lemon juice and mint herbs to your sparkling water. You will get a tasty, healthy, replenishing drink.

Mineral juice with fruit ice cubes


Just mix half a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with mineral water. Add some frozen fruit ice cubes for a refreshing taste.


Tea is great. You can never go wrong with tea. I love camomile and green tea. I think they’re one of the best health options when it comes to herbal drinks. Now, here’s an unusual tea recipe with a twist.


Mineral ice tea

Boil some water (around 3 cups, 0,7 L), add 2 teabags of your choice and let them sit in hot water for 10 minutes. Let it cool down. Add mineral water, ice-cubes, lemon juice and honey. It’s great for your immune system.



Is it a meal, is it a drink? It doesn’t really matter. It’s yummy, healthy, easy to make,there are many recipes to choose from…What more do you need?

Pineapple- banana- kale smoothie

This is one of my favorite easy combos. The best of fruit meets the best of veggies. If you like, you can substitute kale with spinach. I also add some flax seeds here.



Yes, you can even make your own healthy (guilt-free) milkshake. And it’s so easy.

Strawberry/banana milkshake

Just blend a cup of milk with 5 strawberries or 1/2 a banana.  And it’s all done. Sugar free.



Now, I’m a legit coffee addict. And I don’t intend to fight my addiction. Why would I? Coffee is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. It boosts the metabolic rate and burns fat. So, I made my own, even  healthier version of the best potion in the world. You’ll thank me later.

Cocoa honey coffee

I just make some coffee (basic, turkish, no sugar). I add a teaspoon of raw unsweetened cocoa powder. It is a superfood and does miracles. If you don’t believe me, google it! 🙂 Instead of sugar, I put a teaspoon of honey. Also, I like my coffee with a bit of milk, but that’s totally optional. And there you go. Often people tell me how they find it unusual to put honey in coffee. But when they try my special recipe, they change their minds.

And just a few words about alcoholic beverages… There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a glass of fine wine or having a beer occasionally. In fact, it could have some benefits too. Moderation is the key!


Well, I hope you like my recipes and these drinks will keep you refreshed in the upcoming spring days. Until next post, cheers!






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