Why you should do small acts of kindness every day

We live in a strange world nowadays. The political and economic situation are facing instability and decline. Yet, our consumer society keeps marching on to its own beat. Threats of wars and diseases are pillaging media titles on a daily basis. And still, younger generations are acting rather indifferent towards all of it. Some might even say we lack a valid purpose in life. We stare at our computer and iphone screens, obsessing over irrelevant things, remaining passive. Cause hey, cat memes…lol, am I right?! The word friendship only seems to matter when it comes to like count on our latest selfie. The real truth is that we lost our basic communication skills and even more important, our compassion towards each other. We feel lost, confused and lonely. The antidepressant industry is making a fortune!  Look, I don’t just want to bitch about the obvious or give you cliche lectures on how to live your life, but clearly, changes need to be done.

Sure, there was a time I was obsessed about my career, income and social status. My relationships and friendships were superficial at its best. I kept going like that for a while. Just chasing some fake imposed image of happiness. But then, something happened. I had a health crisis. I didn’t take it very good. It almost destroyed me. And I had plenty of time to wonder and think and ask myself the important questions. Why? How? Does this have a purpose? Am I supposed to learn something from all of this? I just kept asking all of these questions popping into my mind. I decided to calm down for a while. I read amazing books. I ended all my superficial relationships. Bit by bit, I started to change. And my health followed along with it. It was the hardest, yet the best thing I had to do in my life. I chose change, and what a good choice it was!

I realized the true power of positive thinking. I began to see the world, for what it really is – a community of souls who are here to love and to learn. Yes, it gets hard sometimes, but you survive and it makes you a better person. And that is the important part. Being a good person, putting others before yourself, living your life out of love, performing small acts of kindness every day. I tackled all my rage, anger, fear and sorrow by forgetting and forgiving. It is a long story and I hope to share it with You throughout this blog. My biggest treasures are the lessons I have learned on my path, and I’m still learning. It’s not hard or complicated. The biggest truths in life are quite simple.

Don’t believe me, just try it out for yourself. Make it a challenge! Start doing small acts of kindness every day and see how it changes you and your life. Believe in love, not in fear. Help someone out. I dare you! You don’t need a grand gesture, just keep it real and consistent. Hold the door for your neighbour, have a nice talk with old Mrs. Smith from the first floor and ask her about her grandchildren; smile to that rude cashier, she might be having an awful day;  get in contact with that old friend from highschool; wash somebody’s dishes; call your mom; give a nice complement to Marcy from accounting, even though she called your make-up skills whorish…You might just be pleasantly surprised. It will come back to you a hundredfold!




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