How to Eat Healthy – Quick, Easy and Cheap Food Recipes

I love food. There you go. It's just as simple as that. I love all kinds of food - raw, veggies and fruits, cooked meals, a good juicy steak,  oriental dishes, even sweets and junk food. I always like tasting something new and different; and I'm constantly on the lookout for new recipes. Vegetarian, high-protein;... Continue Reading →

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Why you should do small acts of kindness every day

We live in a strange world nowadays. The political and economic situation are facing instability and decline. Yet, our consumer society keeps marching on to its own beat. Threats of wars and diseases are pillaging media titles on a daily basis. And still, younger generations are acting rather indifferent towards all of it. Some might... Continue Reading →

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A Modern Twist on Pin Up and Retro Chic

Well, spring is officially here. And let's be serious, we can't wait to start wearing some more revealing clothes. Am I right? That's what spring cleaning is all about. Throw away those bulky winter outfits and add vibrant color to your look. But what's actually trending nowadays? Bold graphic prints with dominant pink and yellow,... Continue Reading →

Inspiring quotes from children’s literature

Children's books are like a hidden treasure chest of life's greatest lessons accompanied by colorful imagery and compelling storytelling. They can be sad, touching, inspiring and deeply philosophical at the same time. So if you're looking for a unique inspiration, maybe you should reread some of the classics from your childhood! “And now here is... Continue Reading →

Fun and unusual date/hangout ideas

You've met someone new and interesting?!. That's great! You probably want to spend some time hanging out, getting to know each other better but also have fun with it. Soooo... Ditch the boring and fake coffee/dinner date thing and try out something new.   1.Jump into each other's lives If the very idea of dressing... Continue Reading →

Basic make-up tips for every eyeshape

Sometimes it's fun to follow-up on new fashion trends and experiment with different looks. Still, you should take some things into consideration.  Just because a trend is all the rage at the moment, doesn't mean it will suit you well. Just have another look at your mom's highschool photos from the 80's. All the big... Continue Reading →

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